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A first mountain bike - advice please


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Hi guys and girls.

Despite being a cycling nut I've not cycled for too many years to remember. And when I did, it was always on the road.

Anyway, I've now got plenty of time on my hands soon and would like to get back on the bike but off road. Don't want to spend big at this stage but would like a nice bike https://bikesbros.com/entry-level-mountain-bike/ that could be upgraded as and when. I'm thinking of a budget of $500. 

Any and all suggestions much appreciated for an old newbie 

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Avoid those cheap full suspension bikes for sure. Check out house brand bikes of the big retailers like Vitus, Pinnacle, Radon etc. These are usually pretty good value.

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For 500 US dollars you'll get an entry - recreational mountain bike. Usually the bike comes with the suspension fork and if so, it'll always be the one with the coil spring. Here are some thoughts on such forks:


And here are some examples of bikes, produced by KNOWN brands:


$400 GT Agressor Sport 2019 - spending another $100 for a higher model won't make it much better, but saving those 100 bucks gives you some chance to improve the bike, if you wish in the future.



$460 Specialized Pitch 650B 2019 - similar components, nice looking frame.



$500 Trek Marlin 5 2020 - still Shimano Tourney, not really MTB drivetrain, but the bike is worth upgrading too.


$600 Pinnacle Kapur 2 2020 - 120 mm of travel at the front + Shimano Altus drivetrain make this bike much more capable in the terrain. It goes more into the trail geometry, than entry - XC bike.

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Hi Uckari

I checked out your web link https://bikesbros.com/entry-level-mountain-bike/ for a $500 budget mountain bike. If your only going to be riding around town on the road and some light trails, the Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike should fit your riding style. As long as you aren't wanting to spend the money to upgrade the components on it. 

Take Sick Biker's advice and avoid $500 budget bikes with those heavy cheap coil shocks. They're not like the old school Rock Shox coil forks from the 90's.

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However, choosing your type of BMX bike among numerous available options is always a tricky part for beginners. Best BMX Bikes under $1000 is arguably a diverse form of cycling that has expanded the bike riding options for you. Thus, BMX bikes have a variety of options while holding some basic to advanced features.

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