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Strong bicycle light - how many lumens you REALLY need.


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When cyclists are searching for bicycle lights, I'm often being asked a popular question: "How many lumens per dollar?". Well, in the video below, I will show you, that you don't necessary need as many lumens, as possible. You'll also see, that your bike light can be even too strong!



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during my summer trip 2020 (650km);
I used for the front:
two Decathlon FORCLAZ TREK 500 (20 euros each, each 200 lumens),
one on my bike and one on my head.
I used for the rear :
 two Decathlon VELO CL 900 (20 euros each, each 17 lumens when blinking.
I had also 1 spare for front and rear.

It was a success.


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Wow, I didn't think for a second that I could make the lumens from my bike even stronger. Thank you a lot for this informative video. I would have avoided a minor incident on my last bike ride if I had discovered it before. On Saturday, I started riding through the forest on the way to the mountains. Because it was getting dark and I didn't have strong lights on my bike, I hit a rock, and respectively the bicycle was deformed. My rescue was sundaysinsurance.com insurance cause my bike was repaired without additional costs.

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Spencer Torphy

I've always wondered how bright bike lights should be? What is the proper lighting for the safest ride on the road? Thank you for this detailed guide. I think I have could prepare the right lights, the right way for a safe trip now.

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