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MTB Technique For Beginners. Mountain Bike Skills To Learn.


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What MTB skills to learn as a beginner.

  1. Learn to use ALL the gears of your bike. Don't simply stick to that middle chainring on the crankset, being afraid to shift the front derailleur. If you bike has three chainrings, learn to use them all. It will help you to climb up the steepest hills and get that speed on descends.
  2. Climbing. Don't push to hard at the bottom of the hill, because you'll drain your muscles. Start slowly, breathe regularly and spin the cranks (i know it looks funny to the newvies ;) ).
  3. Downhill. Stay relaxed and learn to react to the bumps. Don't get stiff - your body works as your suspension.

Here's how to do it:,


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