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Should you buy a gimbal for your sports camera?


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Gimbals get more and more advanced, while their price drops significantly. This 2019 season we are using some gimbals from Feiyu Tech. The one I present on the video below is the Feiyu Tech G6.

You can see in the video, when is it worthy to spend that $170 and when to stick to the... simple stick ;)

 3 Pros for buying the gimbal:

  • recording videos while walking,
  • recording (scanning through) non - moving objects,
  • professional sports.

3 cons for buying the gimbal:

  • seldom usage of your camera,
  • following fast moving objects from the side (it's OK to follow them from behind),
  • if your goal is to simply increase views on your videos (it might have NO positive impact on it).

Are you using such a gimbal yourselves? 

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