Shimano 2017 - SLX M7000 Groupset. 11 speed for 1x11 And 2x11. Review

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Little Sean

Hi Daniel,

I currently own this groupset and Ive noticed that whenever I shift up to the higher gears (9-11), I hear some kind of creaking noise from either my bb or pedal. It seems it only creaks when I pedal hard but only on those said gears. It is all fine in all the other gears even when I pedal hard. It is also fine on those gears if I simply pedal softly. May I ask what you think is the problem and a possible fix? 



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Ilia Permiakov


It make sense to remount with grease front chainrings, bolts, cranks, BB. What type of BB do you have ? Pressfit BB is the most common source of creaking.

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