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Found 1 result

  1. SickBiker

    Winter Cycling Training.

    It's December the 28th today and many are going to set their New Year resolutions, which I'm not a great fan of, but I've prepared a series of training sessions for anyone, who wants to get into a great shape throughout the winter. The series starts with the workouts for newbies and will get more advanced as we move on from week to week. CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY INTENSIVE WORKOUTS! Workout 1/1 preparing and organizing your training space, getting to know your turbo trainer - changing the resistance vs changing the gears, inertia, cadence - leg speed, position on the bike. Workout 1/2 preparing for the FTP test (Functional Treshold Power), PACING - crucial part of an successful test, learning to slightly change the cadence. Workout 1/3 FTP test - 20 minutes, how to use power meter, heart rate monitor or just a speed sensor for the test, estimating your training zones: Workout 1/4 riding through 6 training zones, intervals examples.