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Found 1 result

  1. Old Mountain Bike Restoration. How are you friends! Last week I finally got the package, with an "old", or rather abused Cannondale Flash F3. The serial number starts with Y, so this is a 2011 model. The whole project must not exceed $500 and will include: purchasing the bike - $380, the shipment - $35, new cables and housings ($15), cheap and heavy MTB tires ($40?), used saddle. The work is on my side of course and it should be worth about $250 in Poland. It includes: complete bike disassembly, fixing the main issues, washing the bike (pressure washer > steam cleaner > degreaser), greasing and assembly. The main problems with the bike are: rusty, hardly working rear derailleur, Fatty DLR80 damper not working, rusty derailleur cables and housings, the seatpost stuck in the seat tube, loud lower headset bearing, road tires (?!), the dent and the scratches will be fixed in the second phase of this project.