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  2. CUBE Elite C:68X is the NEW Cross Country carbon hardtail for 2020. The C:68X is the newest and lightest carbon lay-up, that the Elite model is build of.
  3. Gravel bikes still come a little overpriced. Finding a gravel grinder in a reasonable price isn't that easy, but there are some brands, who managed to build these adventure bikes, that won't brake our budget.
  4. SickBiker

    Top 5 Unique Gravel Bikes For 2020.

    More tire clearance, more mounts for bags, bottles and everything and.. more suspension travel! That seems to be the new trend for gravel bikes in year 2020. Some features seem great, other pointless... What do you think?
  5. Guys, this is just a short info and confirmation, that the Sram NX Eagle drivetrain may have issues with shifting. FIrst off, the NX DOES NOT shift as crisp and the XX1 Eagle. The difference is obvious and for everybody to notice. The NX feels more stiff, but as the drivetrain wears, it does get less stiff, but also less precise. The main problem is, that during upshifting, which is shifting from lower (lighter) to higher (faster) gears, it will more and more often skip one sprocket, changing two gears at once and then get back by one. The XX1 ALSO happens to get this problem, but way less often. So far I haven't found any solution for this problem. I mean, you can still use the drivetrain, but it gets much easier to snap the chain, when that overshifting happens.
  6. SickBiker

    Eagle nx

    Yup, same with mine NX Eagle rear mech. I checked it on the XX1 Eagle and to be honest, the derailleur has quite similar play, but just shifts better.
  7. Giant Contend has become not only a tougher endurance road bike, but one of its version is almost a true gravel bike. Let's see, how many changes were made on the new 2020 Contend:
  8. What gravel bike to buy in 2020? Here's the guide to Top 10 grinders, that cost between $800 to $1000.
  9. Jesús

    Eagle nx

    Hi Danny! Same situation here with my NX derailleur, the mounting bolt is tight but is not pushing the derailleur all the way to the hanger. Wondering if that xx1 bolt kit would fix the issue. (NX version just have an o-ring and a washer that seems to get a lot of play). What do you think?
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  11. Solved with bleading of brakes. Sram or Merida just put too little dot into system.
  12. @SickBiker I've enjoyed your Youtube videos about the Marin Gestalt 2 from a couple years ago. Did you have a chance to test out the Gestalt's tire clearance? I know Marin rates it for 700x35c tires, but I wonder if it could handle a pair of 38s, or what the max tire size might be for 650b wheels... Thanks for your help
  13. Hi, guys. First of all, sorry about my 'not-very-good-english'. Now about a problem: a couple of days ago i've bought new merida mission cx8000 with sram force. After of day (or two) of usage, i've understood, that right brake lever too far away for my not-very-long-fingers. Then i adjust reach of speed_shifting_lever (middle position) & then bring the brake_lever towards handlebar...and then i faced a problem: when i push brake_lever hard, it just pulls speed_shifting_lever in to the handlebar wrapping. So...after breaking & releasing speed_shifting_lever is not going to it's work-position - i need to put it back manually each time. :((( Could you somehow help me out? Any advise? P.S. Our local bikeshops telling me, that they don't have expirience with Sram & aouldn't help. P.P.S. Photos of a problem included.
  14. Hi I have the Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ turbo trainer. It doesn't have resistance control and not interactive. It has power and cadence reading. How can I best train with this type of trainer? at the moment I have difficulties to match which gears with what cadence and power output should I need to aim.. Any tips/guide is deeply appreciated. thanks
  15. tomppa

    A first mountain bike - advice please

    Avoid those cheap full suspension bikes for sure. Check out house brand bikes of the big retailers like Vitus, Pinnacle, Radon etc. These are usually pretty good value.
  16. Here is the official answer: BR-RS785 is the only officially compatible post mount caliper. I've seen some claims that it is just a renamed XT M785 caliper and as such should be entirely compatible with any other mtb caliper, but I don't know if that's true. I'm thinking about getting the Tiagra or GRX RX400 hydraulic STIs and maybe Deore calipers myself, but I'll wait a bit and see what combinations other people will try first.
  17. I was wondering if there is any official guidance on whether one is able to pair Shimano's hydraulic MTB calipers with hydro STI levers? My frame has a post mount setup and it seems that Shimano's offering of road bike calipers with PM option is limited.
  18. Hi guys and girls. Despite being a cycling nut I've not cycled for too many years to remember. And when I did, it was always on the road. Anyway, I've now got plenty of time on my hands soon and would like to get back on the bike but off road. Don't want to spend big at this stage but would like a nice bike that could be upgraded as and when. I'm thinking of a budget of $500. Any and all suggestions much appreciated for an old newbie
  19. Good info, even for people who have ridden all there lives!
  20. SickBiker

    Kona Wheelhouse for $1300?

    Kona Wheelhouse is a gravel bike and Soma Fog Cutter is an endurance bike frameset. Both have the clearance for bigger tires. Kona has tapered headtube (stiffer) and will be cheaper, as w whole package. Kona will also give you more relaxed position and that would be my choice.
  21. When cyclists are searching for bicycle lights, I'm often being asked a popular question: "How many lumens per dollar?". Well, in the video below, I will show you, that you don't necessary need as many lumens, as possible. You'll also see, that your bike light can be even too strong!
  22. Narasimman219

    Kona Wheelhouse for $1300?

    Hi all, I am from India, I am looking for good steel bikes and I have kept 2 bike in my bucket list that are available in india. 1.Kona wheelhouse 1300dollars 2. Soma Fogcutter 600 dollars for frameset My type of riding includes: Road Endurande. Little off road and road racing. Kindly suggest me to pick one and tell me is it worth the price?
  23. RustyIguana

    Romet bikes

    Hi everyone! Not much discussion about Romet bikes around here. What do you think about them? Does anybody ride one? What are the experiences? Regards!
  24. Henry_T

    Is high HEART RATE dangerous for you?

    Hi, im 35 years old and obese(current weight 267) and recently have noticed while doing my workout that my heart rate has gone from being usually in the 150s to 165 to 170s- high 180s. I have anxiety about my heart health and the first time i saw this i got scare and maybe this might have caused my heart rate to get higher. Back in 2016 I got 24hr holter, ekgs, echo test stress test done and everything came back normal because i had a huge panic attack and have been fearful about my heart ever since. My heart races while working out but once i stop y workout my hr does come down fast. Is this because im obese and out of shape or something wrong happening w/ my heart alll of a sudden.
  25. longinthetooth


    Even though Shimano say it isn't within spec, could one use a triple 40/30/20 with a 11-36 or 11-42 cassette? What front and rear derailleur would one use? That would provide a range from 0.55 to 3.3 or 5.2 to 3.3, would that be suitable for a 29er wheel? As with any triple you'd be mad to use the extremes, ie, lowest chainwheel with highest cassette and visa versa. Are these components actually available?
  26. longinthetooth


    Thank you for You Tube videos. Regarding 2x MTB Groupsets. Am having difficulty with matching components to achieve an increased range that I think is necessary for XC, ie, demanding ascents, descents linked by flat fast sections. With a 29er the cassette needs a very low gear, eg, >42 x 22 to cope with the ascents, and 11x 38 for the faster needs. The rear cage seems to be the issue, ie, even supposed long cages seem to be designed assuming smaller wheels, and hence limited? How do you fulfill the 2x 10 or 2x11, to give you the range and cadense
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