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  2. tomppa

    A first mountain bike - advice please

    Avoid those cheap full suspension bikes for sure. Check out house brand bikes of the big retailers like Vitus, Pinnacle, Radon etc. These are usually pretty good value.
  3. Here is the official answer: BR-RS785 is the only officially compatible post mount caliper. I've seen some claims that it is just a renamed XT M785 caliper and as such should be entirely compatible with any other mtb caliper, but I don't know if that's true. I'm thinking about getting the Tiagra or GRX RX400 hydraulic STIs and maybe Deore calipers myself, but I'll wait a bit and see what combinations other people will try first.
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  6. I was wondering if there is any official guidance on whether one is able to pair Shimano's hydraulic MTB calipers with hydro STI levers? My frame has a post mount setup and it seems that Shimano's offering of road bike calipers with PM option is limited.
  7. Hi guys and girls. Despite being a cycling nut I've not cycled for too many years to remember. And when I did, it was always on the road. Anyway, I've now got plenty of time on my hands soon and would like to get back on the bike but off road. Don't want to spend big at this stage but would like a nice bike that could be upgraded as and when. I'm thinking of a budget of $500. Any and all suggestions much appreciated for an old newbie
  8. Good info, even for people who have ridden all there lives!
  9. SickBiker

    Kona Wheelhouse for $1300?

    Kona Wheelhouse is a gravel bike and Soma Fog Cutter is an endurance bike frameset. Both have the clearance for bigger tires. Kona has tapered headtube (stiffer) and will be cheaper, as w whole package. Kona will also give you more relaxed position and that would be my choice.
  10. When cyclists are searching for bicycle lights, I'm often being asked a popular question: "How many lumens per dollar?". Well, in the video below, I will show you, that you don't necessary need as many lumens, as possible. You'll also see, that your bike light can be even too strong!
  11. Narasimman219

    Kona Wheelhouse for $1300?

    Hi all, I am from India, I am looking for good steel bikes and I have kept 2 bike in my bucket list that are available in india. 1.Kona wheelhouse 1300dollars 2. Soma Fogcutter 600 dollars for frameset My type of riding includes: Road Endurande. Little off road and road racing. Kindly suggest me to pick one and tell me is it worth the price?
  12. RustyIguana

    Romet bikes

    Hi everyone! Not much discussion about Romet bikes around here. What do you think about them? Does anybody ride one? What are the experiences? Regards!
  13. Henry_T

    Is high HEART RATE dangerous for you?

    Hi, im 35 years old and obese(current weight 267) and recently have noticed while doing my workout that my heart rate has gone from being usually in the 150s to 165 to 170s- high 180s. I have anxiety about my heart health and the first time i saw this i got scare and maybe this might have caused my heart rate to get higher. Back in 2016 I got 24hr holter, ekgs, echo test stress test done and everything came back normal because i had a huge panic attack and have been fearful about my heart ever since. My heart races while working out but once i stop y workout my hr does come down fast. Is this because im obese and out of shape or something wrong happening w/ my heart alll of a sudden.
  14. longinthetooth


    Even though Shimano say it isn't within spec, could one use a triple 40/30/20 with a 11-36 or 11-42 cassette? What front and rear derailleur would one use? That would provide a range from 0.55 to 3.3 or 5.2 to 3.3, would that be suitable for a 29er wheel? As with any triple you'd be mad to use the extremes, ie, lowest chainwheel with highest cassette and visa versa. Are these components actually available?
  15. longinthetooth


    Thank you for You Tube videos. Regarding 2x MTB Groupsets. Am having difficulty with matching components to achieve an increased range that I think is necessary for XC, ie, demanding ascents, descents linked by flat fast sections. With a 29er the cassette needs a very low gear, eg, >42 x 22 to cope with the ascents, and 11x 38 for the faster needs. The rear cage seems to be the issue, ie, even supposed long cages seem to be designed assuming smaller wheels, and hence limited? How do you fulfill the 2x 10 or 2x11, to give you the range and cadense
  16. How to choose a road bike tire: Are you in a race or TT? If no, go to #2. (If yes, open your wallet and choose by weight and rolling resistance); Find all the tires from your favorite seller; Sort by Kevlar (vs. not Kevlar); Eliminate all the tires without Kevlar; Choose what you can afford; Ride "naked*" with confidence!. * No spare tube, pump, tire levers or CO2 cartridges.
  17. What would my choice be? A HiMod Synapse off of [eBay]. I eventually found a NOS 2018 Cannondale Synapse HM with eTap and a pair of 404 New Speed Weapons. Bike hadn't even been ridden. $4,189 to my door. After adding the Zipp SC-SL Stem and SC-SL bars, and eTap blips, someone paid ~$10,500 for this bike, PLUS TAX. All it took was patience. Lots of patience.
  18. SteveC

    Where to find new trails

  19. SteveC

    Sram Eagle Rear Derailleur Adjustment. Tutorial

    I have the similar problem when setting up my rear GX Eagle mech. It shifts nicely up and down, but turn the cranks backwards , the chain skips down a few cogs. ?
  20. Garmin Edge 530 - more, than bike computer... Garmin just launched a new bicycle navigation / computer - the Edge 530. It is a more advanced and much faster device, that has to offer way more, than you need... Let's look at some of the new features. Bike navi: routable Garmin Cycle Map with popularity routing ( you can follow the courses, that many cyclist in the area enjoy), turn - by - turn navigation (just like on Garmin Edge 520 plus, you'll see instructions on the screen, that will lead you to the track you downloaded, or some marked place, you can't though put an address, to be guided to), Trailforks app, which is a data base for many trails on 80 countries, ClimbPro feature automatically shows the remaining ascent and grade when you’re climbing while following a route or course. If you remember, the Edge 520 plus came with more advanced navi features, than Edge 520, and the 530 adds quite a view new features to it. The most important one for me though is the new, faster processor, which allows the device to calculate the routes much better. Training computer and more: more advanced training features, like: heat and altitude acclimation, in-ride notifications when it’s time to hydrate or eat, See if your most recent training was balanced in terms of endurance, threshold and high-intensity efforts - this means much more, than a 15 minutes reminder on the screen, saying "drink", paired with compatible sensors, Edge 530 now displays your power curve, comparing your ride effort to your previous weeks and months, new mountain biking metrics such as jump count, jump distance and hang time, Grit, which rates the difficulty of a ride using GPS, elevation and accelerometer data, Flow, which measures how smoothly you descend a trail so you have a score to beat next time. I remember myself, dreaming with my riding bodies: "if only the computers could measure and compare the laps automatically". Now they can. Or "if we could see on the screen, how well we're doing, comparing to the previous record". Now it's a must But we never, ever dreamed of an "air time" calculation... I'm not sure now, whether the Garmin Edge 530 is more of a bike navigation, than a bike computer, but I think, that it pretty much does anything you'll ask for. And one more question - would I replace the older Edge 520 with the Edge 530 now? Nope. The 520 does everything I need, but I'm amazed with the tech of 2019, available for cyclists What about you guys?
  21. What MTB skills to learn as a beginner. Learn to use ALL the gears of your bike. Don't simply stick to that middle chainring on the crankset, being afraid to shift the front derailleur. If you bike has three chainrings, learn to use them all. It will help you to climb up the steepest hills and get that speed on descends. Climbing. Don't push to hard at the bottom of the hill, because you'll drain your muscles. Start slowly, breathe regularly and spin the cranks (i know it looks funny to the newvies ). Downhill. Stay relaxed and learn to react to the bumps. Don't get stiff - your body works as your suspension. Here's how to do it:,
  22. Endurance bikes got very popular lately. I love them to, as they are so comfortable and still very fast road bikes. Cannondale Synapse is one of the first REAL endurance bikes on the market. I've had a couple of these, mostly aluminum ones and here's why I would think twice, before buying a carbon version... Cannondale Synapse 2019 - Alloy vs. Carbon things to consider, when buying alloy or carbon endurance road bike: Comfort on an endurance bike comes mostly from wider tires. The Synapse can accommodate same 32c tires on alloy and carbon frameset. Alloy and carbon frameset might come with carbon seatpost, which is the second thing, providing better road buzz absorption. Cannondale Synapse comes with super slim 25,4 mm seatpost on alloy and carbon version, so the flex in this area will be similar. The Alloy Synapse features the micro suspension SAVE system, just like the carbon one. The aluminum frame won't flex as much, as the carbon one, but it is based on the same flexing areas, like the rear stays, the seatpost with the seat tube and the fork. The Alloy Synapse also has the full carbon fork. The alloy Cannondale Synapse is so much cheaper, than the carbon one, that you can easily upgrade it with comfy carbon wheels and still spend less money. What was or would be your choice guys?
  23. Gimbals get more and more advanced, while their price drops significantly. This 2019 season we are using some gimbals from Feiyu Tech. The one I present on the video below is the Feiyu Tech G6. You can see in the video, when is it worthy to spend that $170 and when to stick to the... simple stick 3 Pros for buying the gimbal: recording videos while walking, recording (scanning through) non - moving objects, professional sports. 3 cons for buying the gimbal: seldom usage of your camera, following fast moving objects from the side (it's OK to follow them from behind), if your goal is to simply increase views on your videos (it might have NO positive impact on it). Are you using such a gimbal yourselves?
  24. SickBiker

    XX1 Eagle Cassette grinding on chain

    Hi there, do you mean, that the chain is rubbing on those higher cogs?
  25. SickBiker

    Cannondale FS-i conversion from 1x11 to 2x10

    Hi there, 1. You probably need the down swing (or high clamp) rear derailleur. Explanation here: 2. Then you need the KP350 front mech adaptor (picture below). 3. The freehub will accommodate 10s cassette, but most likely you need a spacer for that. 4. As for the crankset, I'm not sure, whether you can simply swap the chainrings, or you need to buy a whole 2x, Ai specific cranks.
  26. SickBiker

    Straighten a bent Cog on an Eagle NX cassette

    I don't think, that the hammer would be a good idea, but trying to bend the sprocket slowly, maybe using pliers might work. It's steel, so there is a hope for you
  27. SickBiker

    Is high HEART RATE dangerous for you?

    That heart rate seems high for an easy run, but as long as you check your heart from time to time (EKG), it might be just fine.
  28. Check out the compatibility chart, in order to find the best set for your upgrade
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