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  3. I decided to buy an Aion 35 Boost 29/27.5+ for my first bike build. Feels really sturdy and well built.
  4. SweetMTB

    A first mountain bike - advice please

    Hi Uckari I checked out your web link for a $500 budget mountain bike. If your only going to be riding around town on the road and some light trails, the Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike should fit your riding style. As long as you aren't wanting to spend the money to upgrade the components on it. Take Sick Biker's advice and avoid $500 budget bikes with those heavy cheap coil shocks. They're not like the old school Rock Shox coil forks from the 90's.
  5. Chippiebikeman

    Wahoo roam or sigma rox12

    Hi guys. I have a Garmin 530 and it always crashes out on rides usually while turn by turn navigating. Any helpful advice or tips or experiences with these devices would be really appreciated. One is with the Rox12 maybe availability in the UK. This does not bother me to much if I end up with a device that works great and meets my criteria. Thanks in advance guys and gals.
  6. Hi there! I have quad qhd-sp hydraulic brakes (old stuff) and decided to replace the fluid at same time and doing my rotors and pads. Unfortunately, after bleed these are still soft with lots of leaver travel. As this model comes with dodgy access to master cylinder bleed port I tried using the "burp" technique where pressing leaver while reservoir is open. I pump and pump forever but air bubbles never seem to stop, after 15-20min leaver is about half way but brakes are far from solid. I suspect I have small leak somewhere, but how likely would that really be on both front and rear?! What's your advice, should I bleed them again? If so, use the open reservoir or syringe at both ends technique (kit I have seems to introduce new air if I try to pressurise syringe)? When you did it, it seemed as no air was left in the system but I spent hours trying to get mine back to decent order! Should I even bother wasting more time or get new Shimano set instead? Thx, Matt
  7. Hi SickBiker. I am going to get a new hardtail mtb. Have in mind FOCUS RAVEN 8.6, CANYON AL SL 9.0 and SPECIALIZED EPIC HARDTAIL. I don't want to spend my money on a wrong bike, that's why I am asking for an advice. Or are there other models I should take focus on? Stay healthy! Peter
  8. Hi Folks Being inspired by Dan's video I went with Merida Big Nine Limited bike that came with SRAM SX drive train. Good price for recreational bike but I am disappointed with the SRAM SX. It worked very well initially however after last trip circa 50 km across hilly terrain shifting deteriorated. I only have done 3 XC runs totaling circa 150 km and few smaller runs. Let's say total 200 km on the bike. No crash, never hit anything only just ride it quite hard doing a lot of uphill. The 12 gear set worked really well and would not need anything else, however it seems now almost impossible to get the shifting right. I started from scratch not being able to understand why shifting is not right and simple index tweaking would not help. It worked like a dream out of the box though. I reset limit screws, b-gap etc. and cannot find a reason why in the middle (4-7 gear) i get bad shifting and noise (chain being lifted up by adjacent sprocket). I ordered hanger alignment tool just in case got slightly bent and causing this hell. Being fed up with SX a bit by now causing this issues so early now I am considering in ripping it out and putting something more reliable, i.e. GX. I am reluctant to even think about XX1 or XO1 as those cost as much as whole bike itself. I do not race, but ride hard when I go out riding at least once a week and need reliable option. The bike has Shimano MT400-B hubs so I believe these are not Sram XD compatible as required by GX, is this right? I am also reluctant to go with NX therefore questions are: What is an alternative product that would fit on the Shimano MT400-B and give me the same performance as SRAM SX but being more robust and last a bit longer? Could it be any Shimano 12 sp? To be honest I am not too sure whether I need that many gears, the low gear though is great and lets me climb all the hills I want to be able to climb. It's my first bike so have nothing to compare with, though range of gears from SX was great, could perhaps live with one sprocket taken out from the middle giving me the top and bottom range the same. If there is no alternative, can I easily install compatible hub on my Merida Comp CC wheels? If so, can I only do it for rear wheel or all? What parts will be required? Do I need to replace whole drive train or is it possible to upgrade only the derailleur or the cassette and all other bits also need replacing? Would be great if I could put GX or XX1 derailleur on existing drive train and replace other components slowly when they wear out. What is the compatibility across different SRAM drive train parts? They are all Eagle and I can't understand whether we are dealing with one eagle or a gaggle fighting with each other. Finally, I should perhaps ask it first, can I get this SX thing to work and continue with my recreational riding? I must admit I have not done enough research prior to bike selection but Dan's recommendation was to me good enough considering his experience and himself riding same model. I regret though I have not went with GX train bike instead . All your experienced folks help is much appreciated. I would like to get back to riding asap. Obviously on a working bike. UPDATE 12/05/2020 Straightening the hanger with ParkTool DAG-2.2 restored good shifting on SX derailleur, I have ordered the GX derailleur to try it with existing setup hoping for enhanced performance with SX drive train (crank, cassette, shifters, etc.)
  9. what grease are you using and is it the same one for headset bearings etc. ?
  10. Anyone here ride Rattan Challenger Pro before? I'm curious to get some opinions on the bike. I always thought Rattan Challenger Pro bikes were junk but after researching here- i haven't heard a single bad thing about them. I'm worried about frame and component quality, i'm a heavier rider and don't want issues. thanks
  11. Anyone have any experience with 2nd Wheel Bicycles in Box Hill? On bikeexchange they have a lot of second hand road bikes, known brands, pictures look good, prices seem good. Quite detailed descriptions of the bikes etc. But there's a single 5-star review on Bikeexchange, and a single 1-star review on google reviews. That strikes me as odd and possibly suspicious. I couldn't find anything else, nothing on this forum, I tried searching so finally I'm posting here! If they are dodgy then where else should I try? 8)
  12. Artur_Portugal

    Hi end Aluminium vs entry level Carbon

    Hello, I need some advice on choosing new bike... I currently have Btwin ultra AF 920 (aluminium frame, ultrega r8000 and Prime Carbon 38mm with tubless tires, size XL) The idea is to up grade the frame. The frames only are expensive so I will buy new bike with 105 shimano and swap the groupset, brakes and the wheels, and sell btwin. I'm between the Cannondale Caad 13, 2019 model (shimano 105, rim brake, size 58) or Focus Izalco Race 9.7 2020 (rim brake, shimano 105, size 60) ... The price's are about the same (both with very GOOD discount).. My main doubt is the diference on riding caad and izalco race, carbon vs aluminium... all review i saw mention the caad 13 is the best aluminium bike and better than entry level carbon... Is there anyone that has ridden both bikes? The Caad 13 takes advantage in braking, it has direct mount front and rear and tire clearence. The Focus wins in the weight... I thank you for your opinions.
  13. SweetMTB

    Vintage Shimano 105 Groupset Restoration.

    Hi Danny, Awesome job on this project. I'm a new subscriber to your channel and I really enjoyed these videos of you restoring vintage 105 Groupset. Will you be doing any videos on vintage Deore?
  14. SweetMTB

    Where to find new trails

    trailforks and AllTrails
  15. Hello, My local dealer is selling on offer 2018 Kellys URC 30 (stock clearance) road bike carbon frame with tiagra shifters, 105 brakes and sora hubs Total price after tax is 1250$ Good deal? Or should i pass.
  16. Hi, nice tutorial here. I have question about replacing XT Shimano RD-M750 with new derailleurs. What should be your proposal? 9 speed.
  17. I literally grew up on Shimano catalogs as a child and XTR was always the non plus ultra dream, of course never could afford it. So the 9100 set looks unbelievably good for me eyes and everything I hear about it makes it the default choice for mechanical MTB components. Now I have a chance upgrade my bike to a top performance groupset first time in my life and here is m debate. I can get the SRAM Eagle AXS group or the XTR for pretty much the same money which makes it pretty difficult. I like the novelty and the no cable simplicity of the Sram system but also the perfection Shimano brings to the mechanical side of the debate. I'm pretty sure you talked or wrote about this somewhere already but what are your points between these two?
  18. Im 5’10” Looking at two bikes 2013 Cannondale suppersix carbon evo red 56cm and 2015 specialized diverge carbon comp 105 54cm both are the same price, have about the same mileage and are in really good condition. It’s been a while since riding road. Been doing MTB. What way is the best way to go. Lighter with better components 23-25 cm tires. Or good component but disc brakes and larger tires 32-35cm I think. Not really doing gravel riding. Just looking for a good bike. Any help before purchase.
  19. hello, i just rebuild the wheels with new novatec hubs D041SB and D042SB. after put on the Tyre, i notice that the wheels are not in the center. it almost touch the frame am i did something wrong? or hub issue?
  20. Bike Volcano

    Converting Giant Sedona Dx Bike Fleet

    I have a bicycle tour company riding mainly on roads using giant sedona dx bicycles with discs brakes and front shocks. What ebike conversion kit do you think will work best, lowest maintenance, small battery, most economically priced for my rental fleet.. Nothing fancy, bare bones, high speed not needed.
  21. Im looking for an advice on Norco Torrent frame which usually would have a front fork with around 140mm travel. Im looking at changing a fork to xc 100mm travel fork and I'm wondering how will it affect geometry and style of the bike.
  22. DDMDaniel

    What frame for my XC bike build

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a suggestion for my bike build. Thank you Danny for a motivation looking at your videos. I purchased (for a great price) a XC 29er with 1x12 SRAM Eagle group set and Manitou Markhor fork which I want to transfer on the new frame. (current frame is great but a small size) I am quite tall (6'2") so XL frame would be the best and considering these corona times, probably budget oriented price would be preferable. Bike wont be used for competitions but a regular weekend mountain trail getaways so no need for high end parts. It has 148x12 through axels at the back. Thank you very much in advance and stay safe. (btw I live in Australia)
  23. I have a Specialized Roubaix Sport 2019 which is supposed to be made of Fact 9 carbon. It has Fact 10 marking on the seat stay. Is it only the seat stay that is 10R or the whole frame.
  24. Hi, I have a cyclo315 for my rides but I'm nos living in Colombia South America and the preloaded maps are only for US. How yo download open street maps for this device? Thanks for your help
  25. Bichael

    Is high HEART RATE dangerous for you?

    You can also keep an eye on your heart rate variability, which is a measure of the time between successive heart beats. Whenever it varies over time, you could be well rested and handle more stress. Whenever it is monotone, almost exactly the same for each heart beat, you could be fatigued or under stress. It can help you to decide what training intensity is appropriate for a certain day. Intro to hrv:
  26. Tamás

    Drivetrain problem

    I have an interesting if i clean my drivetrain i get an interesting feeling ... i mean when i pedal its not smooth.( its feels like its popping etc)..when its getting a bit dirty its become super smooth.....chain and casette is not that old, same probleme after replacing both....why is this ? i cant understand... Any1 please help.
  27. Hi, i have tektro m275 hydraulic brakes. Recently, i replaced my original organic pads with cerramic ones, and i didnt feel the diffrence really. So i know i have spongy brakes and oil needs replacement, what should i do about increasing brake performance? Also my cerramic pads squeal and pretty much dont have braking power on rain, just on rain. Help?
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